Thursday, 25 July 2013

Prototype for a new sculpture.

These two items are prototypes for a Sci-Fi sculpture I'm creating. Using polymer clay I wanted to get a feel contrasting textures. The high gloss of the surrounding spiked piece in conjunction with the granite texture of the elliptical stone offset each other. Doing this prototype have made me think about the importance of texture and how they can be used effectively.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

My First Ever Oil Painting (please don't laugh). 'Solo' 2012.

I've never considered myself a painter - I've always preferred pencil drawing and sculpting(especially with clay). So to find myself painting for the first time in over twenty years seemed daunting. I realized (very quickly) that the reason I've always hated painting was because in the past I was using acrylics and not oil paint. I like to blend and oil is a wonderful medium, lending itself to my style perfectly. I'm self taught and I don't attend a class, I believe that attending a class will force me to work in a certain way and may change my style. This painting was created late last year, its approx 6x8 inches. The painting is called 'Solo' because its my first attempted. its not a still life or copied from a picture of a snooker ball. I just picked the first thing that came into my head that was bold and simple to paint.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

'Protection II:The Warning'

This sculpture is made from polymer clay, organic material and gem stones. 'Protection II: The Warning' is the second part to the pencil drawing that is in fact my header for this blog :D entitled 'Protection: Mechanical Reproduction'. This sculpture captures the creation of an alien/mythological creatures life at its development stage. The question is whether or not to destroy this dangerous creature before it annihilates our civilization?