Sunday, 28 April 2013

My First Ever Oil Painting (please don't laugh). 'Solo' 2012.

I've never considered myself a painter - I've always preferred pencil drawing and sculpting(especially with clay). So to find myself painting for the first time in over twenty years seemed daunting. I realized (very quickly) that the reason I've always hated painting was because in the past I was using acrylics and not oil paint. I like to blend and oil is a wonderful medium, lending itself to my style perfectly. I'm self taught and I don't attend a class, I believe that attending a class will force me to work in a certain way and may change my style. This painting was created late last year, its approx 6x8 inches. The painting is called 'Solo' because its my first attempted. its not a still life or copied from a picture of a snooker ball. I just picked the first thing that came into my head that was bold and simple to paint.